Brad Whinnery

Here's my story, I was born in Eau Claire, Wi.(GO PACKERS) and moved to Minnesota at a young age. I learned how to take pictures using a Pentax I got for my Confirmation. With the guiding hand and heart of my parents they showed me how to express myself by taking pictures. Through junior and high school my love for photography grew, even the jobs I took to make it through college turned to photography. Behind a camera I started to make my dreams come true. Later in my life I moved to Texas. Growing up family and friends meant a lot to me so moving to Texas was hard, but little did I know I'd find a new family soon. I started working for Olan Mills Studios and that's where I found my love, my wife, Heather.

My life was good but something still was missing, my biggest dream. For years I've brought smiles to others across the country but never really left a mark. That's when WhinneryMoon Photographics came about. I was tired of seeing big name companies after one thing, "MONEY." Along the way those big names have lost the importance of a baby's first smile, or the glow of a couple married for 60 years, those things didn't matter to them. There was no heart, no art, no feeling. WhinneryMoon Photographics is my ultimate dream. That's why every portrait we take is from the heart, our goal is to artistically capture a moment in your life. I don't want to just be your photographer I want to be your storyteller.


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