Dreamscape is not your typical photography. If you are looking for a truly incredible experience and art piece, this session is a good choice. We like to build a relationship with our client by scheduling a meeting where we ask a number of questions. The questions range from what type of music you enjoy, and your favorite colors, to what you want your Dreamscape to say.This should happen at least 5-7 days before the actual photography occurs. Usually done on location, these sessions are very in-depth and allow us to “get inside” your lifestyle and to capture it fully. This way we design not just your typical photo, we can create perfect, personalized, portrait art.

Session Fee $125

Dreamscape finished portraits are offered in the following sizes:

11x14 . . .$145 . . . .. .16x20 . . .$213 . . . . . . .20x24 . . . $347

All finished portraits include artwork, handcoloring, photo edges, digital touchups, and are hand signed.

We also offer a table top book of the session for only $630 and includes 20-30 of your favorite poses in a professional layout.

Dreamscape Album of your session offered for $1350.


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